Installing a Unified Communications System for Curious Cubs

Hamilton-based Curious Cubs is an established name in the early child education space. The Curious Cubs brand is known for providing a safe and nurturing environment while promoting the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of young children. Jenni Potter is the founder and visionary for Curious Cubs.

“The most important aspect of Curious Cubs’ success is hiring the right staff members to do the job.” – Jenni Potter

Early in 2017, a decision was made to expand the brand to a second ECE centre situated in the heart of Hamilton’s CBD. The project started off with building a new centre and outfitted with technology that would make life easier for the staff to work more efficiently. A key aspect to running a large ECE centre was designing a communication system whereby the on-duty manager can get a hold of specific team members at any time throughout the day. They needed a Unified Communications system.

“We needed a phone system that would allow our staff to communicate with each other, simple to use and it had to be reliable” – Jenni Potter

Jenni set out to find the perfect partner to manage the installation of internet and phones, so she was able to shift her focus other aspects of the new ECE development project. Jenni found the support and expertise she required in CircleNet.

“With Darren’s involvement it was clear we had chosen the right team for the job; Darren led the project from planning to deployment to after sales support.”

The Solution: A Unified Communications System

The decision was made to provide a basic Unified Communications system to the new ECE centre, while adding features and removing limitations that are associated with a traditional PBX.

“CircleNet have given us great support throughout the project, working with us every step of the way. There’s no pain or drama. If there’s a problem, we can contact CircleNet and trust they will sort it out quickly,” Jenni said.

Curious Cubs’ feature hero from CircleNet’s Unified Communications system is hands down the voicemail to email function.

“Being truly mobile to manage both of our sites is a huge plus. This feature alone allows us to effectively manage our day to day schedule by simply forwarding the voicemail email to the relevant staff member to process the request.”

At CircleNet, we want to put flexibility and profitability back into the hands of our customers. That’s why we offer WAN solutions, Cloud telephony and UC all on a subscription basis. When you partner with us, you don’t just get a solution, you get access to our in-house experts who are on hand to support you through the pre-sales process, right through to implementation and maintenance.