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Is it time to upgrade your PBX? Do business anywhere with a custom virtual cloud-based phone system.
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CircleNet VoIP Phone System Auckland

Enterprise-grade VoIP phone system

From start-ups and SMEs to large businesses, we offer a feature-rich VoIP calling solution that’s made to measure.

All-in-one app

Manage all your business communication channels from one intuitive app. You can even add or change your extensions.

Free Instant Messaging

Say goodbye to text messaging fees and send instant messages to anyone for free!

Collaborate in real-time

Screen sharing empowers your team to efficiently work with others, no matter how far apart.

Share documents in a snap

Presentations, spreadsheets and written documents can be shared instantly, ensuring they never get buried in email inboxes again.

Video conference from anywhere

Save time and money by video conferencing between offices or from home – eliminate time and money wasted on unnecessary travel.

Omni-channel call centre support

Give your team the support they need to provide a flawless customer service experience.

Call recording

Record calls for greater insight into your team’s training needs or for tracing customer service issues.

Voicemail to email

Don’t make your customers wait – receive instant notifications when someone leaves you a message so you can quickly respond and provide better service.

Instant guest access on demand

Cut the red tape and keep people outside your company in the loop – no software download or additional user accounts needed.
Enterprise-grade VoIP phone system Auckland

Connect anytime, anywhere

Manage voice or video calls, instant messaging, voicemail and much more from any Wi-Fi or internet-connected device.

Streamline your workflow

Improve teamwork, encourage collaboration and increase productivity across your teams, whether in the office, at home or on the road.

Save time & money

Reduce multiple bills by replacing your landline and getting rid of expensive, hard-to-maintain hardware. Plus, you won’t have the worry of being cut off from your customers during a power outage ever again.

Future-proof your business

Enjoy the flexibility of a VoIP phone system that you can quickly scale with your growing business. You’ll no longer be limited by the number of physical phone lines in your offices or tied to your desk phone.
CircleNet VoIP Phone System – video conferences

Seamless communication between your customers and teams

Make your business communications easier with a reliable, secure and affordable internet-based VoIP phone system designed to match your needs.
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Empower your team and clients

Imagine a future where emails are a thing of the past. Make Microsoft Teams your communication hub and empower your team with easy-to-manage channels that make file sharing, messaging and online presentations a breeze.
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CircleNet VoIP Phone systems Auckland – Microsoft Teams
“CircleNet won our voice business because they came up with a technology solution that made business sense. They were easier to deal with than competitors, friendly and helpful and quick to respond. We are delighted with the outcome.”
Grant Taylor, Chief Information Officer at Città
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We work with you to build a custom VoIP phone system tailored to your business’s unique needs. We’ll look at what you have, chat with you about what you need and plan how to help you get better connected.
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