WAN Network Systems

Delivering Secure & Reliable Business WAN Networks – your business doesn’t operate from a single location. You need to be able to contact other branches, offices, workshops and employees. They also need to be able to contact you!


Our WAN solutions provide your business with a secure, reliable and affordable connection when and where you need it. Avoid the expense of purchasing new hardware: you won’t need it with us! A WAN (wide area network) gives you a communications network solely for the use of your business, meaning what you share with each other stays within your own network. It’s like having business internet just for your team.


    Need A WAN Solution You Can Rely On?

    Having a safe, reliable and secure internet connection is essential for every business. Being able to work remotely, connect back to head office and contact customers is vital for success. Our experienced and knowledgeable team can help you with:

    • VPN solutions which provide a safe and secure connection
    • Tailored WAN solutions without the need for expensive hardware purchases
    • Internet security with a hosted Fortigate firewall or onsite Dell SonicWall firewall appliance
    • Providing business class internet services which use Chorus SLAs


    We take WAN network security seriously

    Your WAN creates a VPN or virtual private network. Like a secure tunnel, your business’ data travels back and forth between two or more devices. Your VPN stops people seeing what you are sharing and from interfering with your information.

    Our IT support team can help you with virtual Fortigate firewalls and onsite Dell SonicWall firewall appliances. You can trust us with your network security, it’s one of our top priorities.



    We work with only the best

    We understand that as an SME, you don’t have time or money to waste. That’s why we partnered with Vibe Communications as our WAN service provider. We also work with New Zealand’s top network security vendors: Dell SonicWall, Fortinet, Aerohive Wireless, Ruckus Wireless, Ubiquiti and Mikro Tik Routing.



    Your fast & reliable WAN solution

    No business enjoys downtime.

    Our business internet services use Chorus SLAs ensuring you can keep in touch even during power outages. Focused on delivering excellence and a personalised solution for every client, we’ll make things easier for your business.

    For a tailored WAN service which suits you and your business to a tee, contact us today. We’ll visit your site, chat with you about your needs and develop a solution which suits your business perfectly.


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