Securely link your multi-site business together with a WAN network system

Is poor connectivity slowing your business down? Help your separate offices work as one with a custom wide-area network.
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WAN Network System – CircleNet Auckland NZ

Fast & secure connectivity between your offices

CircleNet will work with you to create the right business solution for your needs. We are experts at supplying robust data networks that are reliable, secure and affordable.

Protect your business data

A WAN network acts as your business’s own private internet, keeping your information safe when you share it between other branches, offices, workshops and employees. This is a superior option to transmitting it over the public internet, which is susceptible to breaches.

A WAN network solution tailored to your business

We’re focused on delivering excellence and a personalised solution to help make the way you do business simple. We can help you evaluate whether to use a traditional WAN network or an SD-WAN network (software-defined WAN) for increased performance of cloud-based applications, such as Microsoft 365.

Support flexible working & save money

Work remotely, connect back to head office and contact customers without having to buy new hardware. We work with the equipment you already use or can lease you the equipment you need.

Only trust your business with the best

That’s why we’ve partnered with Vocus, Vector Communications and Devoli as our WAN network service providers. We also work with New Zealand’s top network security vendors: Fortinet, Dell SonicWall, Ruckus Wireless, Ubiquiti Networks and MikroTik Routing.

Your personal IT support team

Our experienced and knowledgeable IT specialists take your WAN network security seriously and are always available to support your business.

Rely on a tailored WAN network & reduce the risk of downtime

You’ll be able to stay in touch, even during power outages, as our business internet services use Chorus SLAs (service level agreements).
IT Security

Extra security for your IT network

In today’s digital world, IT security is of paramount importance. That’s why we recommend using a VPN and a sophisticated firewall to safeguard your precious data and protect yourself against cyber threats.
safe & secure connection

VPN solutions provide a safe and secure connection

Your WAN creates a virtual private network (VPN). Like a secure tunnel, your business’s data travels back and forth between two or more devices. Your VPN stops people from seeing what you are sharing and interfering with your information.
protect your business

A first-rate firewall

A firewall filters traffic to protect your business from cyber-attacks, malware and viruses. We provide internet security with a hosted Fortigate firewall or on-site Dell SonicWall firewall appliance to stop intruders in their tracks.
Devoli WAN Network System – CircleNet Auckland NZ
Vector WAN Network System – CircleNet Auckland NZ
Vocus WAN Network System – CircleNet Auckland NZ
“CircleNet made the transition easy and seamless, taking care of the planning, shipment of devices, scheduling of install, communicating directly with myself, install and gave 1-1 user training on the new system, as well as removal of the previous devices.”
Pierre Van Heerden, General Manager at Gerard Lighting

Ready to extend your network communications?

We work with you to create a dedicated WAN network system to suit your business’s specific needs. We’ll look at what you have, chat with you about what you need and plan how to help you get better connected.
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