How CircleNet’s Broadsoft Platform Enhances Video Conferencing

In today’s day and age, where our work can become greatly dependent on technology and connection, we adopt network solutions that are suitable for our ever-changing and fast-paced world. This means choosing platforms that are pragmatic, supportive, and affordable, and these three cornerstones are what make the BroadSoft platform is so useful.

What Is BroadSoft?

BroadSoft is the leading provider of VoIP application software, enabling the delivery of hosted telephony and multimedia services. The technology employs wireless, wireline and cable carriers to deliver next-generation voice and multimedia applications and advanced features.

Why Is BroadSoft Useful?

CircleNet’s BroadSoft platform helps businesses achieve the breakthrough performance they strive for. The platform enables you to achieve your business communication goals through consolidating communications infrastructure, integrating applications, reducing cost, and easing the complexity of telephone systems that will allow for increased revenue, competitive differentiation and customer satisfaction.

Supports Collaboration

The BroadSoft platform enhances teams’ and businesses’ collaborative efforts because it requires no third-party applications or any sign-up processes. It is readily available even for attendees outside the organization to join, so you can communicate with each other seamlessly and hassle-free. It can work effortlessly through Web RTC on Google Chrome.

Reduces costs

The utilization of the BroadSoft platform will help you save on IT staffing costs as you transition to overseeing operations remotely, using web-based administration tools.

Protects from all forms of disruption

There are only two things you need when transitioning to the cloud-based platform - Internet access and a smartphone. Through this, you will be protected from other forms of disruption such as unforeseen complications you would encounter using underwater phone systems.

Keeps you connected and increases productivity

The best thing about using the BroadSoft platform is that it is specifically designed for today’s mobile workforce.

Today, an office could be your home, the train, the bus, or anywhere else you can connect with your team members and clients. More than just a physical location, your office is the employees that make up the organization. Having different sets of people with different lifestyles, different needs, and different concerns can be difficult to manage and bring together at times, so being able to connect whenever or wherever is advantageous.

Effective communication plays a critical role in achieving your goals. The BroadSoft platform gives you and your employees the ability to access corporate systems, applications, and tools whatever the location, time zone or device it may be.

Test the Power of BroadSoft in your Organisation

If you want to streamline your communication processes, increase your revenue, and utilise the expertise of the Broadsoft platform, the best way is to test it out for yourself and see how it works for you and your organisation.

CircleNet offers effective network solutions and one of the best IT services Auckland has to offer. If you are keen to level up your business’ communication practices, contact CircleNet and discover how we can help you get started.