How Businesses Benefit from WAN Technology

If you’re looking to enhance your business network or grow your company while providing the same level of access to company data, a wide area network (WAN) can enable communications between various offices or locations in different parts of the country or world.

You’ve no doubt heard of a local area network (LAN) as you’re likely to have one in your home and office. LAN and the WAN are two types of data networks, but differ dramatically in their operational scale. While a LAN provides fast communication in a localised area such as a building or the same room, using a WAN allows for the same high-level of data traffic on a much greater scale. 

Why Choose A WAN For Your Business?

If you’re adding an extra office to your business, or opening a branch in another city or country, opting to upgrade your network to a WAN over LAN can ensure communication is reliable during the process and long afterward. For a business of any complexity, a WAN unifies the channels of communication and information transfer between multiple offices and remote areas, allowing your employees to collaborate and work wherever they are.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of a business WAN:

Improved Collaboration And Greater Network Reach

WANs connect employees and their computers in various locations, cities, or countries and provide a stable network to share information on. For larger businesses, the scalability offered by a WAN will always be superior to LAN.

The extended reach of a business WAN geographically will allow any part of your business to connect with national or international partner companies easily and securely. For employees, WAN enables far greater opportunities for collaboration: instant, real-time communication and access to data means employees are working as productively as possible.

Streamline Your Business Costs And Allow For Flexible Work Hours

By implementing a WAN for your business, you’ll reduce the costs of purchasing and maintaining multiple, on-site servers. This makes both setting up servers and managing data a thing of the past, instead you can rely on one primary data server.

For smaller businesses or areas of a company still in a stage of growth, WAN makes it possible for employers to implement variable working schedules. This allows for flexible working hours, which can both increase the productivity of a workforce, and reduce the strain on business resources by allowing remote workers and outsourcing.

CircleNet Can Help Your Business Benefit From WAN Technology Today

Here at CircleNet, we understand a solution needs to fit to your business requirements, not the other way around. We also know the hurdles faced by businesses in the digital space, and offer enterprise-level solutions to take your business to the next level.

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