Secure Your Business with a Firewall

The business world is changing. We live in a society where businesses are moving predominantly into the digital space, including all their transactions, information sharing, work communication, and data storage.

With an increasing number of remote workers and technology that promotes instant connectivity, it’s more important than ever that businesses address firewall security and ensure their precious data is protected. 

The Dangers Of Weak Firewall Security On Networks

The number of data breaches has risen steadily for a number of years now. In the United States alone, major sectors have shown an increasing level of successful breaches, which should be of great concern to any business owner. Let’s look at a few statistics from across these industries:

  • The business sector has seen the greatest impact in recent years, with the number of data breaches in the US rising from 258 in 2014, to a staggering 870 in 2017. Comparing this growth with data from industries below, it’s clear that the business sector either hasn’t taken the necessary precautions, or lack uniform, default standards for firewall security within a network.
  • Organisations operating within the medical and healthcare sector have remained steady between 333 in 2014 and 374 in 2017, showing that private, sensitive information about individuals is still incredibly valuable to hackers.
  • Banking, educational, and government organisations are low, most likely given the low-level value of educational information, and the rigid levels of security enforced for the financial and military portions of this group. However, with 134 breaches in the financial world, and 74 breaches affecting governments or the military in 2017, it’s clear that there’s both a need for increased security and strong interest from hackers.

How To Protect Your Business From A Data Breach

For anyone working in a business for the past few decades – especially at the c-suite level – emerging digital technology can seem like the product of television and science-fiction novels. However, it’s not just technology savants spending their nights breaking into computer systems anymore. With a wealth of pre-constructed programs and strategies available online, even the most basic hacker can now access formidable tools.

Fortunately, the information works for both sides of the network. Those in charge of developing protection systems and WAN network systems are now more informed than ever before, adapting and fine-tuning their digital protection strategy on a weekly basis. Consider how regularly you receive security updates for your operating system – every day there are exploits being discovered, and implementing a robust and dynamic security system within your business will provide necessary protection and peace of mind.

Secure Your Network And Data With CircleNet

If you want to do your part in protecting both business and customer data, choosing the right level of firewall security and securing your network are crucial factors to consider. While we noted above that the world of cybersecurity is always changing, CircleNet IT support provides our customers with round-the-clock assistance from our experienced and knowledgeable IT team.

To learn more about what you can do to secure your business, contact one of our team today.