Mobilise Your Workforce With UC-One – Our Unique Unified Communication Systems

Unified Communication (UC) systems are an ideal solution for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Since unified communications packages are both flexible and scalable, they allow you to pay based on the number of “seats”, which means you can tailor packages according to your business’s size and needs. In this post, we look at how can use UC-One to mobilize your business and improve communication, and efficiency of your workforce.

What does unified communications mean?

There isn’t one be-all-end-all meaning for UC, as different UC service providers will offer roughly the same service with varying features. In general, unified communications is a marketing terms used to describe the bundling of various business communication services such as video, VOIP, and instant messaging across multiple locations/devices.

Using UC-One to mobilize your workforce 

One of the main advantages of UC-One is better collaboration across the workforce. UC allows employees to seamlessly interact across various communications solutions, regardless of device and location, which improves productivity. When combined with a BYOD (bring your own device) policy, employees can stay connected to the office using their own devices, even outside their workplace.

Companies around the world are realising that their employees are happier and more productive when they aren’t solely constrained to working in the office. It’s not just the employers that benefit, employees themselves are pushing for greater mobility and freedom.

The biggest advantage of UC-One is that you can leverage its features while paying less for having a unified communication solution.

What sets UC-one apart? 

Since UC-One allows you to conduct instant messaging, video, and voice through the cloud, any device connected through the internet can be used to access UC-One’s features for business purposes.

This means that there will be no need to invest in expensive network equipment or new telephones. Instead, you pay for cloud services on a subscription based on your business’s needs, while still using your current computers and telephones for communication. If you replace or upgrade your equipment, they can be easily connected to UC-One without the need for costly software or technicians.

Discover the power of UC-One

Traditional communications systems aren’t tailored to today’s fast -moving world. Rather than encourage creativity and collaboration, they limit innovation by chaining employees to their desk. With UC-One solutions delivered through mobile apps, employees can interact with customers, co-workers, and all departments of your business from anywhere in the world - as long as they are connected to the internet. The world becomes your office thanks to UC-One!

At CircleNet, we offer enterprise network solutions through VoIP – whether you’re running a small or large business, our team can provide a unified communications package to suit your needs.

To discover how CircleNet can enhance the way your organisation communicates by providing network design services businesses can depend on, contact our team today.