Meet Your Business Goals with a Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS)

Customer service within organisations is at a crucial tipping point. According to a recent Forrester study, the global cloud market will reach $178bn this year. And more than 50% of global enterprises will rely on a cloud platform to delight customers.

Customers in 2018 want to engage with businesses through multiple channels and to have a seamless experience. In some cases, they even want to engage with businesses on different channels simultaneously. Businesses often recruit more staff to deal with this conundrum. The wiser, cheaper and more pragmatic solution to this challenge is to implement a Contact Centre as Service (CCaaS).

CircleNet IT Services Auckland offer robust WAN solutions in the form of BroadSoft CC One. This is a cloud contact centre which helps organisations to save money and deliver exceptional omnichannel customer service via VoIP phone, email, chat and more. 

Enterprises all have similar customer service goals: customer retention and satisfaction, maintaining high quality service provision, rapid dispute resolution, lowering cost and achieving sales targets.  By using an omnichannel Contact Centre as a Service like BroadSoft CC One, it’s possible to achieve these goals. Here are six key benefits of using a Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS).

Greater Agent Versatility

Cloud customer service solutions allow enterprises to staff contact centres on-demand and virtually to suit the organisation’s needs. This means that agents work from anywhere in virtual teams on a 24/7 rotating roster. This provides the business with greater flexibility and efficiency. 

Superior Customer Experiences

The in-built performance analytics that come as part of BroadSoft CC One translate to granular and highly measurable metrics on customer behaviour, attributes and performance of the team.

Improved Agent Efficiency

Features of the CCaaS such as ACD, IVR, and prioritised call-backs save agents time in dealing with customer inquiries. The intuitive interface means that customer service teams can access data instantly across multiple channels. They can therefore make the correct decisions and resolve cases more effectively.

Scalable Customer Service

The on-demand nature of a cloud solution means that for peak periods when an organisation has more cases, the contact centre can be scaled up without a hassle. Additional customer service agents can be employed to cope with the added demand.

Lower Costs

A cloud contact centre reduces the upfront costs of hosting servers and IT infrastructure, along with the on-site costs of running a contact centre and employing agents there. 

Better Data Security

Cloud solutions such as BroadSoft CC One offer added flexibility and security for storing sensitive information in the cloud. There is also a robust data recovery system in place for when outages occur due to natural disasters or unexpected events. In contrast, on-site solutions are usually not well equipped to handle such situations.

We have entered an era of instantaneous and cross-platform customer interactions and increasingly complex mountains of data. By implementing a cloud customer service solution from CircleNet, your organisation can meet its customer service, sales and retention goals.