How Unified Communications Can Save You Money

The modern world has forever changed the way we communicate with each other, whether that’s within our personal life or – more importantly – within our business.

Streamlining communication across all devices is an integral part of keeping the business running smoothly to maximise profit. Missed opportunities and misinformation are only a couple of ways that inefficient communication can potentially cost your business.

However, what if there was a system that helped you maximise profit while cutting costs at the same time? You’d take it, and so would other businesses. That’s why Unified Communications, more commonly known as UC, was born!

Unified Communications over VoIP Phone systems is an affordable and easy-to-use solution that significantly improves your current communication model while affording you great savings. But how can something that promises more value be cheaper? Read more below on How Unified Communications Can Save You Money:

1. VoIP Is Cheaper.

It’s no secret that VoIP is a cheaper communication solution, especially when compared to more traditional landline phones. From lower acquisition costs and capital expenditure to reduced management and maintenance costs, having a VoIP phone system combines all your communication costs into one centralised model. This increases IT efficiency and lowers overall operating costs.

A VoIP phone also gives your business the flexibility to move since there’s no need to install or change phone lines at your new location. And as a service, Unified Communications as a whole also eliminates the need to purchase hardware, while allowing your business to utilise cloud storage.

2. Your Staff Can Work Remotely.

Real estate can be expensive, especially if your office is centrally located. That’s why many businesses these days allow their employees to work remotely, which drastically reduces real estate spend and other office maintenance or admin expenses, such as cleaning services, utilities, and even furniture. The ability to work remotely is only possible through Unified Communications.

UC users are always connected over the internet, and contactable through a plethora of devices and platforms, whether that’s via phone, email, instant messaging, or video chat. UC also allows them to take their work anywhere, because these days work is mobile and your employees will need to travel to meet clients and conduct business.

3. UC Uses The Internet.

The internet allows us access to a lot of information, and this includes communications. VoIP literally means Voice over Internet Protocol, which gives you access to phone services, i.e. voice communications, over the internet. This means you don’t have to install phone lines, pay for general landline fees or long-distance fees. Your business probably already has a stable internet connection, so why not make the most of it by integrating your communications?

One centralised UC app will let you attend video meetings from your smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop computer, allowing you to connect with your business worldwide. All you need is a suitable internet connection.

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