Future-Proof Your Business with Cloud Communications

Your business relies on communication to do anything, and your needs are changing every day. Things are changing so fast that you are having to adapt to all sorts of new changes at once.

Fortunately, technology is making that easier than it could’ve been. Savvy business owners are all moving to the cloud, with around 75% of businesses globally having moved to some kind of cloud service already. Joining them will protect your business going into the future, so take a look below at all the benefits of cloud communications to find out what you can gain from making the move.

Stay Flexible With Cloud Communications

In-house PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems are a headache. When you need to plan and budget for all the different hardware, from phone sets to servers, that your business will use for the next few years, there’s a high chance you’ll end up with the wrong system for your needs. Whether technology innovations change what communications systems you need, or your business grows or contracts unexpectedly, it’s easy to spend too much on systems, or be forced into expensive upgrades when you hadn’t planned on it. Cloud systems are fully scalable and flexible, completely eliminating this problem - you’ll only ever pay for what you use.

Cut The Costs

While the increased efficiency from the scalability of cloud communications will already save you money, there are plenty of other ways these network solutions will help your bottom line in the future. Getting rid of hardware costs is the first and most obvious, especially because a lot of this technology is proprietary, meaning you’re paying inflated prices for it. There are also the costs of administering the systems which you’ll get rid of. The hidden cost savings are even better - the benefits of allowing your staff greater mobility and flexibility, the opportunity costs of keeping pace with innovation, and risk avoidance because cloud systems are so much more secure.

Secure Your Data

Legacy systems present all kinds of security risks which cloud communications eliminate. Cybersecurity is an ever-expanding threat, and chances are your team isn’t made up of world-leading experts in cyber protection – while cloud system administrators on the other hand are. Outsourcing the protection of your data to experts who have all kinds of 24/7 cyber protections in place is a no-brainer. Additionally, storing your data physically on-site opens your business up to disaster risks, which could result in the loss of significant information - keeping it off-site means it’s always safe and sound.

Don’t Become Obsolete

In the past, you could invest in technology, only for innovation to quickly render it obsolete. Or, you might get locked into a contract for software that ends up behind the eight-ball long before you’re off the hook. With a cloud communications provider, you’ll get access to new technologies as they arrive. In the past decade, mobile devices, video conferencing and screen mirroring have all grown rapidly – so what’s next? Stay on the cutting edge of upcoming changes without any additional set-up cost - that’s another no-brainer.

Don’t get stranded in the past – future proof with cloud communications

Cloud communications are the future. All businesses will need the cost savings, flexibility and security allowed by these new systems. Failing to adapt will expose your business to significant risks and dull your competitive edge heading into the future. CircleNet is the trusted provider of network solutions in Auckland and around the country. Contact us now for a free site inspection, or to hear about how we can help you future-proof your business.