Benefits of Unified Communications for NZ Businesses

Considering the number of benefits provided by VoIP systems, unified communications should be in every business around the country. However, a lack of understanding around the benefits of unified communications for NZ businesses means fewer companies are making the switch than expected.

One of the primary concerns around implementing a unified communications solution is the issue of privacy. Cloud servers, video conferencing and remote working are all areas many individuals are only just now discovering – and carefully researching before making a decision.

At CircleNet, we provide businesses with VoIP phone systems and unified communication platforms. To ensure all our customers are fully informed before they commit to a VoIP solution, below we’ll cover some basic VoIP information and the benefits you can receive from unified communications in your business.

What is VoIP and how is it different from the PTSN?

The public switched telephone network (PSTN) is the world's collection of circuit-switched telephone networks, connected by copper cables that run through nearly every part of a city. Voice over internet protocol (VoIP), on the other hand, uses data packets to transfer the information – similar to the way we exchange data when browsing the internet.

The primary difference between the two is how the information travels between two points:

  • The PSTN works by setting up a dedicated circuit between two designated points when you make a call. These circuits use traditional copper wires, carrying analog voice data over a network of circuits.
  • VoIP works by using packet-switched telephony: voice information is sent and received through individual network packets across the Internet.

VoIP still relies on PSTN to some degree; access to the internet is largely provided through traditional copper phone lines, though this changing with the increase in fibre optic cables for ultra-fast broadband. For many businesses, converting a PSTN system to VoIP is similar in cost to moving and upgrading to a full VoIP system – however, with the introduction of fibre broadband across New Zealand, there are now numerous benefits offered by upgrading.


What are the benefits of unified communications for my business?

Most important for many businesses, the reduced cost of a VoIP system over adapting your current communications is a major selling point at the boardroom level. For employees, the appeal of VoIP is in a greater ability to work remotely – without sacrificing productivity, communication, or connectivity.

Another major benefit of VoIP is its scalability. For a small business, this offers a simple way to advance communication abilities on a lower budget. At a larger scale, a business won't need to buy hardware for every employee. A VoIP system also won’t break the bank should you need to incorporate additional features or changes – you can grow your unified communications system in parallel to your business.

Lastly, as unified communications relies on IP, you’re not limited in the same way you would be with traditional phone lines. This means you can retain your business numbers should you move office, or if your business grows from your home to an established company building.

This doesn’t begin to cover the potential uses of the technology, which includes:

•    Instant messaging without mobile provider fees

•    Screen sharing to reduce employee travel time and increase collaboration

•    High-quality video conferencing for remote workers or international meetings

•    One app provides all communication channels for a business

•    Connect and communicate on any device – anytime, anywhere!

How to Install a VoIP system in your Business

Just as every business is different, everyone has different needs. By implementing unified communications within your business, you can meet the communication requirements of customers and employees all over the world – instantly. Here at CircleNet, we understand a solution needs to fit to your business requirements, not the other way around.

We offer enterprise-level solutions for VoIP systems – whether you’re running a start-up business, SME, or wishing to take your national organisation to the next level, our team can provide a unified communications package to suit your needs.

To discover how CircleNet can enhance the way your organisation communicates by providing IT services Auckland businesses can depend on, contact one of our team today.