3 Industries Showing Success with Security Cameras

Every business needs some form of security – whether it be through CCTV cameras, network security, a giant safe in your back office, or an onsite security team. At CircleNet, we provide your business with a security camera system you can trust – designed to keep your assets, workplace, employees, and customers safe.

Below, we’ll look at three industry-leading businesses benefiting from a Dahua surveillance camera system, and discuss how you improve security in your own workplace with CircleNet.

Airport Surveillance Cameras

Maintaining safety in the public transport sector is reliant on appropriate surveillance and, while this is already present on most buses and trains, airport security cameras are often at the forefront of the discussion. Flying can bring out anxiety in even the calmest of us, so airports are equipped to provide as much reassurance to passengers as possible.

However, cables and antennas in these areas can lead to signal jamming, which is where a hybrid solution including CCTV cameras can be of most benefit. Dahua cameras were implemented like this recently at LAN Airline premises, a Peru-based, domestic and international airline company servicing over 70 per cent of the Latin America domestic market.

CCTV Cameras for Retail Stores and Malls

How do you keep track of customers and employees within a retail store? If you answered with a CCTV camera, then you’ll appreciate the peace of mind a security system provides. But what if your total site area is closer to 100,000 square meters, and happens to be a sprawling megamall home to more than 200 individual retail stores?

The Arabian Centre in Dubai and the Lulu Hypermarket in Oman knew the challenges of incorporating a total system, leading to the installation of Dahua surveillance cameras. One of the most crucial aspects of their deployment was in appropriate placement, offering surveillance overview of the area without sacrificing image clarity. As different areas of your retail space all have unique lighting and blocking issues, working with a team of trusted CCTV installation experts can provide a security solution that works for both you and your customers.

Security Camera Systems for Banks

The finance industry, and banks in particular, are always in the spotlight when it comes to security systems. Both physical and digital security are of the highest priority for banks, and prime opportunities for an advanced, hybrid camera system.

When Banco do Brasil S.A (Bank of Brazil) required an overhaul of their security system and an upgrade to some serious tech, Dahua security cameras were incorporated to meet the video compression, integration, and monitoring requirements of the bank. Ultimately, the project led to over 20,000 units of analog cameras and 1,500 units of DVRs being rolled out – a clear sign of success for both the bank and the city.

CircleNet – Taking Your Security Seriously

In our efforts to bring a total solution to all our customers, we at Circle Net chose to introduce Dahua security cameras alongside our IT support Auckland customers know so well. As illustrated by their use all over the world and across many industries, these CCTV systems provide a number of benefits to almost any business, including:

·         Viewing of live and stored footage from any device remotely
·         Full-colour night-time video recordings
·         Remote camera control (depending on camera installed), including zoom, tilt, and angle
·         Live streaming directly to a website
·         Support for the latest H.265 video compression
·         License plate tracking
·         Facial tracking
·         Hybrid systems for supporting both coaxial and IP cameras

As installers and providers of business CCTV cameras, we do not offer any monitoring services. However, we are more than happy to help you find a monitoring service suited for your business. For more information on how we can help keep your workplace, employees, and assets safe with a surveillance camera system, give us a call today.